Monday, February 4, 2019

What's Your Favorite Shade of Pink? Reader Participation Requested! Send Me Your Photos, Please!

Pink is not a color I've ever been especially attracted to. I rarely wear it, and it rarely 
shows up in my weaving. But, lately, I've been thinking more about it.

On a Christmas Day road trip last year, we went to Gallup, New Mexico. It is known as "Heart of Indian Country" because it is on the edge of the Navajo reservation and is home to members of many other tribes as well. It's a great place to shop for Native American art because there is such a high concentration of galleries and trading posts there. I loved looking at all of the sparkling silver jewelry which happens to be one of my favorite things ever. What surprised me though, was how much I loved the paintings. Especially what we saw at Richardson's Trading Post, and especially those by J.C. Black. I loved them all, but settled for one of the smaller ones to bring home. It is very pink! The colors are all rich and beautiful and the patterns in the landscape where patterns shouldn't be just thrilled me! I love patterns! You know this, right?

***Do you use pink in your craft? I'd love to see photos! Send me a photo with a short description. 
 I'm planning a "Readers Gallery" next week here on my blog in honor of Valentine's Day.  
Email me:***

I do have a couple of favorite pieces that I've done in pink. The one below was inspired by the flower on a camping trip. It's woven from linen.

This one was a custom guitar strap. The challenge was to use the colors of the rainbow, replacing red for pink. As weird as this seemed, I always liked the design.

I sell my favorite yarn here in my Etsy shop. Recently, someone asked which pinks I carried.
Since I don't use them myself, I had neglected to buy any pink. 
So, I added a few to my newest order. They are all lovely! 
They arrived today. I'll be adding them to my Etsy shop as well as using them in my own work.

This is one of my favorite color websites to play with. It's a Color Dictionary and Thesaurus! 
There are so many variations on any color and its fun to contemplate them! 


  1. Nn. Never used pink, although if one of my granddaughters wanted pink or purple, I would bend over backwards to accommodate their wish!!!

  2. Hi Annie,
    As I can't reply via Etsy,I am using this route. Post in SA is a bit dicey,so there is always an element of excitement when ordering from overseas. So if it arrives I'll let you know. I am becoming a little obsessed with band weaving and lately am making zipper bags with them. Regards, Lin