Friday, January 18, 2019

Procedurally Generated Inkle Patterns for Your Inspiration and Amusement

This fun new tool is sort of like the kaleidoscope of inkle weaving patterns.
The patterns are generated at random, or "procedurally" by clicking the refresh button on your browser. Visit the site and every time you click, you get a new pattern. Hours of fun!
Like turning the wheel on a kaleidoscope!

This could be really helpful if you are stuck and just looking for new ideas.
It's the brainchild of Rebecca Green, software engineer and fiber artist and you can find it here:    ~~~ Procedurally Generated Inkle Patterns ~~~

After receiving a message from Rebecca, I went to the site straight away and played around a little.
I saved a couple of patterns that I made and wove them.
It's easy to save a pattern by using the Snipping Tool or any other screenshot tool.

For this one, I added a few red threads to the borders to make it wider. 

And this one, I wove exactly as presented. 

Happy Inkling!  ~ Annie