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I am available to teach any level of inkle weaving from helping get you warped and started for the first time to weaving with advanced pickup techniques.
Please get in touch if you would like to schedule a class for your group or guild. Email me at:  

To date I have taught classes for:
The Carmel Crafts Guild, Carmel, CA
The Golden Fleece, Santa Cruz, CA
Yarns by the Sea, Aptos, CA
Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center, Espanola, NM
and private in-home lessons.

"I was program chair for our weaving guild a few years ago, and we scheduled a presentation and workshop with Annie. It was one of the most popular programs of the year, and even people with very little weaving experience made lovely inkle bands during the workshop. Annie makes her workshops learning, community building, and fun experiences. Seeing her amazing collection of bands is so inspiring, and so is watching her hands at work. She takes obvious pleasure in sharing her skills and passion for inkle weaving, and does it very well. Feel free to email me if you want to hear more about our experience with Annie's teaching,
Ann Pettit, Program Chair, Carmel Crafts Guild

"Annie MacHale is an excellent teacher.  Her love of inkle weaving, gentle teaching style and supportive approach lets her students shine.  I highly recommend Annie as an instructor.  You will count your day with her as a highlight of your year."  
Mary Brown, President, Carmel Crafts Guild

"Annie is a gifted weaver and a most generous teacher.  I will be forever grateful to her for introducing me to the inkle loom.  If you are at all curious - and have the opportunity - take her class.  You will not be disappointed, and you might find yourself inspired to continue on and on!  Weaving can be addictive, but it's really good for the brain!"  Kathy Sinnott


I am also available to give presentations to schools, guilds or other groups. I can bring scores of examples of things I've woven on inkles, show a variety of loom types and inspire you to get busy using your inkle loom.

I have had the pleasure of giving presentations to:


Examples of my presentations can be seen in the following videos:

Pickup Tutorial

A 30-minute TV interview discussing my love for inkle weaving.


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