Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Readers' Gallery of Works in Pink

There are a lot of talented people out there who read my blog!
Last week when I asked for photos featuring pink items, I was happy to receive the following photographs. What fun!'

Marieke Kranenburg wove this belt in a combination of plain weave and crossed warp.
She gave me the following link to explain the crossed warp technique as I had not heard of it.

Pam Groff  of Wide Sky Ranch sent me this photo of a PINK skein. This is what she told me:
"As an alpaca breeder for the past few years and as a result of having my own white yarn, after much consternation, I faced the challenge of learning how to dye yarn and have not looked back! I simply love the process of researching popular color ways, finding or developing the colors with Gaywool acid dyes, and then the fun application of dyes. It’s simply magical." 

This band was woven by Kathryn Nielsen to hold the detachable pocket. Click the photo to enlarge it and see the lovely detail in the band as well as the hand-embroidered pocket!

Judy Chapman needle felted these little piggies with wool around wire armatures.

Cynthia Loveall sent this photo of the second band she has woven on her inkle loom. She says" I like hot pink, fuschia or magenta but not pastel pinks." This is a sentiment that she and I share. 

Nancy Ayton sent this photo with the following note: "The yarn is a little more rose color in real life, but still pink.  This technique is from Laverne Waddington’s Complementary Warp pick up book, done on the inkle."

This is my dose of pink for the week. I'm working on a custom order and these colors were the customer's choice.