Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The One Weaving Tool I've Always Wanted!

A wad of string heddles is not an easy thing to deal with while warping. I have somehow 
been able to  wrestle with them one-handed and make it work for all of these years. 
But as long as I can remember, I have wished for a heddle dispenser that would just 
give them to me, conveniently, one at a time. My wish has been granted!!! Yippee!! 
I couldn't be more delighted with my new discovery! It's like having a new toy!

 It seems that a smallish plastic container with a hole in the top will do just the trick! 
As long as the container is fairly full, the tension of the heddles will keep most of them
 in place inside but allow me to pull out one at a time. 
Occasionally, I find that they get tangled around one another, but this has been very rare.

 When I cut a piece off the loom, I have a heddle bundle that looks like this. 
At this point, they are not tangled, but sort of lying next to each other. 

The mint container has a big flap opening on top which allows me 
to easily stuff the bundle of heddles inside........ 

and a small one which allows me to pull them out one at a time. 

This hummus container has a tight-fitting lid. My husband cut a 5/8" round hole in its center.
I pull off the lid, fill it up with heddles and snap it back on.
The heddles are easily pulled through the hole one at a time. 

Currently, I am experimenting with different methods of securing the heddle dispenser 
to the table as I work. A small piece of duct tape made into a roll works great, 
but isn't reusable for long. So, I am in search of some sort of putty to do the job. 
None was available in our small town, so I'm waiting for the next trip
 to the big city to buy some museum putty. 
Please let me know if you have suggestions.
EDIT: I've found that Command Strips work well, don't leave residue or damage the table. However, they can't be reused more than a couple of times. Museum putty was very hard to remove from the table! Silly Putty seems to hold well enough and be reusable a number of times. 


  1. why not run the tape over the top of the container and to the table? If you need to move it, fold a bit of the tape end under to make it easier to grab.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! The tape worked great, but I am experimenting with different kinds of putty as I think that these will more easily stand up to repeated relocations. Time will tell!

    2. Love your container idea! To secure it, how about: attach the container to a piece of board (Like maybe a 10" x 10" square of mdf), and attach the board to the edge of your table with a c-clamp.

    3. I second Rebecca's suggestion. It was my thought as well. You could even use a rivet to secure the container to a piece of plywood and then clamp that as she suggested. Great tip overall, thank you. :)

    4. Thank you, Rebecca and Mark. I had not thought about this. I was thinking only of sticky things, but your suggestions are worth trying!

    5. How about earthquake putty or command strips?

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  3. Would Command Strips from 3M hold it on the table?

    1. Lu, I hadn't heard of these. I bet they would work just fine! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I really like your idea for the huddles. Thank you! I'll go shopping for mints!

    1. Haha! I have thought about buying them by the case and giving them to students in my class!

  5. I use Poster Putty by Duck works great and no sticky residue like tape.

    1. Perfect! That's just what I need! Thanks! The museum putty I bought works great but is very difficult to remove from the table.

  6. Try gluing the dispenser onto a screw on jar lid. Then cut a matching neck off a jar and mount that onto a board. Then you can unscrew your dispenser from a heavier base and the screw will hold it securely when in use