Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Free Interactive Inkle Patterns

Well, it turns out that there's much more to this book project than I realized. I'm very grateful to my friend and book designer, April Jouse, for helping me organize all of the information in a consistent and nice-looking format. It has required many re-do's and I would have given up many times, except that I really believe in the information that I have to share.

The book will be fun to use because the 200 patterns which I've charted will be interactive. They were created using the Band Weaving Pattern Editor and each one comes with a link for you to use. Open it using the Pattern Editor and create your own version by changing colors, making it wider, making it narrower, etc. Or use it as it is. Save and print it for reference. I've added some sample patterns to this post. They will not be in the book, but will give you an idea of what to expect.

Pattern Editor creator, Jeff Bigot, keeps adding new and exciting functions!  Here's the link to the site: http://www.raktres.net/seizenn/loom_weaving_editor.html
You can now chart pickup patterns in several different techniques.
You can register as a user and save your patterns to a gallery, either your own private one, or a public one. See what others have created! AND you don't have to rely on internet service to use the tool.  Download it to your computer! (Edit: See instructions at the end of this post.)

If you find this to be as exciting as I do, please consider supporting Jeff''s efforts by leaving him a Tip! You can do that here: https://en.tipeee.com/raktres?utm_source=widget&utm_medium=tipbox&utm_campaign=Raktres

If you need a little bit of help in figuring out how it works, consider watching this video or reading the PDF description here: https://aspinnerweaver.blogspot.com/2020/07/how-to-use-pattern-editor.html

I made the following patterns this morning.
Below each one is a link with it's short code. I've made this into a live link so that you can use it to pull up the pattern on the website.

As you look at the pattern, the top two rows represent the warping diagram. Top row, heddled threads, bottom row unheddled threads. Below it is a drawdown, which shows you how the pattern will look when woven. Along the left side of the main pattern the warping diagram is shown again in a block format if that's easier for you to read. If you give the design a quarter turn to the right, the block draft will be across the page and you can read it left to right. Upper row, heddled threads, lower row unheddled threads. The white blocks in between the pattern threads are just space to allow you to see each thread in the pattern more easily. They are just space and don't represent warp threads.

If you give this a try, please let me know what you think!

To download the program to your computer: with the web page open, right click at the top of the page. Then select "Save As". When the menu appears so that you can choose where and how to save it, choose "Save as type:" "Webpage, Complete."


  1. How do i save the program to use offline?

    1. Hi, Liz. with the Inkle Loom Pattern Editor open, I did a right click with my mouse at the top of the page. Then clicked on "Save As" when the menu appeared to choose where and how to save it there was a choice at the bottom of the window, I selected "Save as type" "Webpage, Complete". I'm delighted and amazed that this is possible! What an awesome free tool! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. ~Annie

  2. Are there detailed instructions on how to use the loom pattern editor? I'd like to use the Baltic pick up feature but I can't figure out how it works.

    1. Nora, if you look at the tabs along the top of the webpage there is one called "Documentation" which describes how to use the Pattern Editor. Jeff also writes blog articles giving information about new things when he adds them. This article is about using the pickup functions. http://www.raktres.net/blog/2018/08/15/pickup-interface/#more-254 Annie

  3. I have the hard copy version of your new book.
    Is there a way to manually enter the link to the pattern that I want to bring up?
    Is there a way to save my patterns to my hard drive and then bring them up later?
    Thank you

    1. Hi! I'm sorry that I didn't see your comment until now! You have probably figured it out, but I wanted to tell you that this is explained on page 55. Once you have created the pattern using the Editor, click on the lower left where is says "Save, Export". First, save the pattern, then create a JPG or PNG. Save this to your computer. The short link will be included in the image, so you can call it up again when using the Editor.

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