Sunday, September 27, 2015

Key Fobs!

Long ago, I had several ideas for making key fobs using my inkle bands.

These weren't really practical for the longevity of the item. The key rings rubbed along the band, leading to extreme fraying along the edges.

Thanks to my friend, Kim of Rabbitbrush Studio, I was able to use a much better method!
These metal ends grab on to the ends of the woven band and have a loop and a key ring attached. The key ring doesn't even touch the band, so no worries of fraying!

I've also used it for the lanyards which are just a longer version of the key fob.
Remember them from this post a few weeks back?

Kim recently published a tutorial which is for sale here in her Etsy shop on how to make these with all her tips and tricks.
This is a great little gift idea! Also, I've found that they sell well at fairs and festivals.

I've purchased the key fob hardware (as well as other useful hardware) from this shop on Etsy:

If you need some inspiration for  1" wide patterns, see this blog post.

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