Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Art Inspires Art , a Theme Revisited

When I see a good color combination, it just grabs me. Since I'm not in the habit of taking time to make notes of these when I see them, I hope that they are stored in my subconscious and just naturally surface again later. This is sort of a theory of mine. 

Some of the combinations I use in my weaving are for certain inspired  by other people's art.
When I have a piece in my collection and I keep looking at that wonderful color combination, I often do get around to using it to inspire a woven design.

This recent example is a beaded bracelet purchased from a Navajo womens' collective at the Summer Market in Santa Fe. What a great use of color! Here I am weaving that into a guitar strap.

And, below, another beaded bracelet purchased from PachamamaNativeArt on Etsy.
More about them here in this post

My husband and I took a tour of the Acoma Pueblo and he purchased this pretty little pot from a street vendor. I was quite taken with the simple combination of the sort of periwinkle blue paint against the natural color of the red clay. 

This little woven bag purchased from Centinela Traditonal Arts in Chimayo, New Mexico had such an unusual color combination that it intrigued me. While my yarn colors weren't an exact match, I came close, I think. Soft green, rosy pink, burgundy and red. 


  1. You make me yearn to return to the Southwest seeing these lovely handcrafts with their sun -drenched colors...inspiring indeed! I love seeing your interpretations of them with inkle woven bands. Someday.

    1. Lausanne, Thanks for your lovely comment! I hope that you do come out! Let me know and we'll reserve you a room!

  2. Do you ever snap pics on your phone, and then go back to the color combinations later?

    I know that when I do this I love it when I am scrolling through old photos and am suddenly "Re-Inspired" by something I saw months earlier.


    1. Jon- Not on my phone, because I have such limited storage there! I do look at photos of my own work (saved on the computer) or snippets of actual weaving that I've saved and find good stuff to work off of.