Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Patterns for 1" Wide Bands

Most often, I seem to work in 2" widths, creating the guitar straps which are the main product that I sell. Consequently, many of the pattern drafts which I have previously shared are for 2" wide bands.
Recently, I made some new products in 1" widths and had difficulty adjusting my designer's mind to this narrower width. I was using the same yarn but had only half as many threads to design with. Wow! At first I was frustrated, but then, after a few tries, I started creating designs which I really liked.
I thought I'd share some of these with you here. Each pattern draft is shown below the photo. Consider the top row of the draft to be heddled warps and the bottom row to be open warps.
If you use any of them, please send me a message with a photo as I really enjoy seeing how my designs inspire other band weavers. And if you like this post, please share it with others in your network on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.


  1. I love your designs! Thank you for sharing them with us. Very much appreciated by those of us who are band weavers.

  2. I love them! Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. I need to practice and I believe these are a great way to start. Please pray for my selvages! That's the only thing I haven't tried!! LOL

  4. I thank you so much vor your patterns. I am a Beginner in plane weaving an your designs are great.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I love your blog, and your work.

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  7. I am anxiously awaiting my Schacht Inkle Loom and you are the best resource I have found for patterns and techniques. It's especially encouraging that simple designs can turn out so nice.

  8. Not sure how to send you a photo of my work making ?. Have made a guitar strap from one of your designs

    1. Use my email address: iweavestraps@gmail.com