Monday, May 27, 2013

Tie Dye!

A while back I was asked by a tie dye artist at Whole Fam Damily Dyes if I would be interested in doing a trade. While I greatly admire the art when done well, it is not my style and I felt that I wouldn't wear a shirt, even if I admired the color and pattern. But then, I got to thinking.........
So, I asked him if he could dye a few of my woven straps. He said that he would, so I wove 3 in plain cotton and mailed them off. Here were the results.

  The first one came out the best. I LOVE this one!  It was woven from white Saucy Sport cotton yarn.

These two (green and blue ones) didn't take the dye as well he told me. They were woven from an off-white softer cotton, which I think is Sugar and Cream.

I've  now sold them all and think it's time to make some more. 
At this writing, the Whole Fam Damily Dyes website is under construction, but if you have the ability to get onto Facebook and browse their photo albums here:
you'll be in for a treat!!

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