Friday, November 23, 2012

The Contest is On!

For your help, I'm offering a prize: $50 in woven products of your choice, either custom or ready-made if I use your suggestion.
It's a contest to find a new name.  For many years I've been using ASpinnerWeaver as a business name. I like it.  Spinner is my maiden name. It started out as  A. Spinner, Weaver.   I'm not giving it up.
But, I'm growing a new branch! I'll be focusing on the one of a kind guitar straps which I weave. They have been the most popular item which I've made and sold over the years. So, I'll be doing a little more marketing to guitar aficionados and I need a name which will reflect that focus.

Here's the idea for a name:

It must be short enough to fit easily on a banner or be a good URL.
It should use the word guitar or music or guitar strap or something that would make search engines find it when someone is shopping for a guitar strap.
I'd like it to reflect one of the best qualities of my work, COLOR!
If it is a  clever play on words, fun or quirky, all the better.

That might be a lot to ask, but I'd love to hear your ideas!
You can post them as comments here, or add them to the conversation over here on my Facebook page:


  1. OK here goes:

    ColorPlectrum straps


    or really simple Woven Guitar Straps.

    I hope you find something that suits you, it is a neat way to get new ideas.

    All the best

  2. Thanks, Dawn! I'm collecting and collating suggestions from Facebook and the blog. I'll announce the new name here when I get it figured out.

  3. Seventh String Guitar Straps. Since most guitars have 6 strings, and strap is like a seventh one.

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