Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weaving Helpers

Last August I spent a weekend at the Annual Mountain Man Rendezvous at Roaring Camp in Felton, CA.
This is the event at which I first discovered "Mountain Men" and also met my husband. Wow, have I been lucky there! Discovering this group of historic re-enactors has led me to other events and been a great addition to my weaving business. And, I get to hang out with the most interesting people.

This year, I had as companions for the weekend, the Smith Family from Salinas, CA.
They are a family of wood-workers, Daniel, Hope and their 5 daughters. The girls have their own tools, create their own designs and craft alongside their parents.
Each family member has their own specialty. You can visit their website here. The photo galleries are great! www.SmithWoodenBoxes.com

It was so much fun having the girls to help me set up my loom. My husband took this adorable series of action photos. I recommend that you click on the photos to enlarge; they are even better that way!


  1. Lovely girls, lovely photos! They wear gorgeous skirts ; is this their daily costume?

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  3. Jeanne- This is a "living history" type of event where everyone dresses from the time period which we are portraying. These girls and their mother do make much of their own clothing and have a unique, style which includes dresses reminiscent of an older period.