Saturday, October 8, 2011

In the Mountains

A couple of weekends ago, my daughter and I hopped in the truck early Saturday morning to drive the five hours up to the Sierras to visit my son in South Lake Tahoe . This is such a lovely place with many beautiful lakes, streams and waterfalls and an abundance of pine forests. By the time we arrived, we had half the day left and then half of Sunday before we had to head home again. 

We made the most of our daylight hours with easy walks in stunning scenery. The sun shone and the temperature was ideal. Here we are in Emerald Bay State Park.

Some locals gave us good advice about places to go. This time of year, the Kokanee salmon return to Taylor Creek to spawn. We saw a few of the bright orange fish near the surface of the super clear water! 

The groves of Aspen trees near the creek were beautiful, too. 

 Glen Alpine Falls was amazing; we had a picnic lunch and scrambled all over the rocks. 

And I did some weaving on my Ashford Inklette. With this mini loom, you can weave anywhere!

My son took this video.

Our timing was excellent! Here's what it looks like at Lake Tahoe this week! 

Beautiful place, beautiful people, a fabulous trip!


  1. Oh beautiful! Looks like an absolutely lovely trip.

  2. Wonderful trip - we saw kokanee spawning last month and I was surprised at how small they are.