Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here is the painting mentioned in the last post. Darlene Boyd painted myself and Linda Bjornson happily doing our thing and visiting in the garden. Here is a little bit about Darlene from her website:
“I am a sculptor, who also enjoys painting and drawing.  I am not 
tied to any particular medium, and I thrive in experimenting and 
blending many materials.  I am interested in forms, surfaces, visual 
metaphors and the emotional responses that my art work evokes. 
I particularly enjoy teaching art and using these processes both 
as forms as self-expression and as a means to heal oneself. ”

You can explore her website here: http://www.darleneboyd.com 

I've been so busy running around and having fun! Here is a link to my photos of last weekend's adventure. California's Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas are full of amazing scenery and great places to hike. My son lives there. It was totally worth driving for 5 hours up on Saturday and 5 hours back on Sunday, 'cause we got about 28 hours there to go exploring. If the video came out, I'll show you that later. Extreme weaving! 
Also, this week is about furthering my education. Last night I took a class from graphic designer and Facebook wizard, Judi Oyama.  Tomorrow, it's "Retailer Workshop" with Robert Gibbs and on Saturday, I'll be taking a class on Digital Photography at Cabrillo College.  
Whew!  Hope you are all having as much fun as I am! 

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