Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Day at the Ren Faire

Here in Northern California, there is a Renaissance Faire that runs for 6 consecutive weekends.
My oldest daughter had a birthday last weekend, so off we went to celebrate in another time.

She took this picture of me wandering through the crowd.

The costumes are always amazing, either by their boldness or by their great attention to detail.
This weekend, the theme was "Fantasy" which led to a greater variety of costumes than is typical.

This gentleman, who I passed in the crowd, was wearing one of my woven sashes and allowed me to take a photo. Great smile!

I love seeing handmade things from near and far that appear for sale in the tents of traders.

Like these shoes from Africa. (Morocco, I think.)

Hand-tinted straw was used to make this intricate picture on a small wooden cross 
by Maria Salome of Baja, Mexico. Stupendous!


  1. Must be so much fun to escape the 21st century for a while! I noticed you carrying a lovely basket and the woven shoes are great.

  2. That basket was purchased for $1 at a flea market and gets attention whenever I take it out somewhere. It may be one of the best dollars ever spent! ~A

  3. So much fun!!! Love the costumes and all the color!