Monday, October 17, 2011

When is a Piece of Cheese Like a Brick Wall?

United by a common pattern: 
cheese, a guitar strap, a brick wall, tweed, and shoes!
The conversation started with a fellow weaver telling me that she had seen this pattern on a piece of cheese and was thinking about how to weave it. 

Which reminded me of this guitar strap that I wove. 

Which was inspired by this brick wall that I saw. 

It reminded someone of a twill pattern.
(This photo was taken from a tutorial on how to do a diagonal weave on a Weave-It loom. You can read the tutorial here on this blog. )

And reminded someone else of the tread on his shoes.

When I posted the cheese photo on Facebook, the rest of this just sort of unfolded naturally with the help of my Facebook friends! What say you, Blogger friends? 


  1. Ha! MANCHEGO!!!!

    Love the cheese....

    ...and the weaving! :-)))

  2. How ya been? Just gave you the Liebster Award. You need to break 200 followers and are well deserving of a wider audience so hope this helps!

  3. Did someone step on the cheese? What a great series!

  4. Ha, ha, Evelyn! Thanks!
    Sandra- You have the most interesting connections on the web. I will have to check out the Liebster Award! Thanks!