Tuesday, August 9, 2011

San Jose Renaissance Faire

What a great weekend; I spent two days enjoying the company and lively entertainment at the 
Laura Wilkerson of Primitive Adornments had invited me to share her booth and it was a great place to be.
Her best selling item is a clever little necklace with lavender flowers and lavender essential oils encapsulated in a tiny hand-blown glass vial. Each is strung on a colored ribbon along with Venetian glass beads and/or semi-precious stones and a charm. They sparkled in the sun, and filled the area with a pleasant scent which drew in customers.

Laura also makes these hair sticks and after seeing her demonstrate how to use them, I acquired a pair and found them to be most effective in holding my hair firmly in a bun all day. I've seen others wear them, but have never thought of myself as having enough hair to make a bun. It is an amusing new decoration for me to wear! 

My sashes fluttered in the wind and got some attention.

But the real attention-getters were the stage shows.
We had the good fortune to be set up right next to the stage. 

Meet Captain Jack Spareribs. He presented his "Razor Sharp Danger Show of Flaming Doom".
He was talented and captivating. "A pirate magician, juggler, ventriloquist, comedian and Jack Sparrow look a like all rolled into one." I saw the show six times over the course of the two days and giggled each time.

There was live jousting which I did not get to see. Photographer, Derek Shaw took some excellent shots and posted them here on his website. It is amazing to think that all of this took place in a city park right downtown.
Many thanks to Renaissance Productions and all the vendors and performers for making it a great weekend!

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