Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Week in Annie's Wonderful World of Weaving

There's all sorts of fun in Annie's weaving world this week!
I'm in a contest on this here website. It's full of stuff with a lovely colored theme of "Desert Sunset". 

This sash was chosen for the contest. If you want to go have a look, the voting box is in the lower left. Warning: there is other cool stuff that you might want to vote for there, too.

Today I mailed off the custom shirt trim that I've been working on. All 20 feet of it. My husband said that this just might be one of the coolest things I've ever woven. Big words from a big fan. I agree that it's beautiful.

I got the 4 skeins of handspun yarn in the mail from BlitzKnits and set to work straight away using the "Teal Dreams" silk. Blended with these other three yarns, it makes for a nice sash, but gets a little lost in the mix. I had to put it with other stuff as it was a small skein and I used it all. It was a nice addition to the Etsy shop. Great colors!

This is what the skein looked like. 

This weekend, I'll be at the San Jose Renaissance Faire! I'm sharing a booth with Laura of Primitive Adornments.    I look forward to spending some time with her and taking in the fun and festive atmosphere that characterizes Faire!


  1. The trim is beautiful - I hope you get a photo back of it in use!

  2. your color combos are just gorgeous -- so rich.

  3. Oh I should never have followed that link to blitzknitz - argh! How can i go on without some of those yarns for weaving? :-)

    Your new weavings are just beautiful but you must stop tempting me!!

    I wore my beautiful new sash last weekend to the Museum of Contemporary Craft to assist Diane with a community weaving project. I had her take pictures so i can share later this week on the blog.

    Now I need to find the perfect winter weight top to wear with it.

    LOVE my beautiful sash so much.

  4. Thanks, ladies, for all your encouraging words.
    Pam- I'm glad that you got to wear it out to such a fun event. Can't wait to see the pictures.