Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recycled Sari Silk, My Favorite Yarn

The colors in these yarns are so vibrant. They are exciting just to look at! You can read about how they are  made and see photos of the process here, at the website for The Wool Peddler.

I've a whole stash of recycled sari silk skeins and last week decided to get some out and play.

By viewing this photo of the yarn as warp on the loom, you can see just how fuzzy some of it is. This causes a lot of sticking and it is very slow to weave when this happens. I still think that the result is worth the effort.

When surrounded by solid black warps, it reminds me of stained glass. 

Then, it also reminds me of melted crayons. Did you ever put crayon shavings in between sheets of waxed paper and iron them together? You know how all those little bits of color run together? I like it. 

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