Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Campfires, Full Moon, Musical Saws, Laughter (And Weaving, of Course)

It was beautiful summer weather for camping out last weekend at the Summer Gathering of Mountain Men. Since this is a great time to see "shooting stars", I chose not to sleep in a tent, but tossed my bedroll right out on the grass under the stars. The full moon was at it's best, which was enjoyable, but unfortunately cut down on visibility of the stars.
The campfire was beautiful and the company was really entertaining. Sometimes I think that I just go to these events to get a good laugh!
An outdoor store always suits my sashes. The silent windchimes got a nice breeze.
My friend, Troy was set up across from me. His camp always looks great. He finds nice stuff, but most of it he makes himself after careful study of museum pieces and drawings.
Troy is also very knowledgeable about history of the Fur Trade AND an amazing painter.
Here were the yarns that I packed for the weekend. Finely spun two ply wool. These little lovlies were sent to me by Janet of Aunt Janet's Fibermill.

Since I had forgotton to bring a shuttle, I looked to my next door neighbor for help. Joe can make anything! We looked through the scrap pile of wood next to his tent, selected a piece, drew the shuttle shape on it, and 15 minutes later it was finished and ready to weave with.

These are the two straps that I wove while I was there. The yarn really felt nice to weave with.

On Sunday, we listened to some very unusual music which was provided by the Musical Saw Festival!
If you have never heard the sound a saw makes, you should give this a listen. Amazing!


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I missed the meteor showers earlier in the month but there should be more viewing once the moon is done.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! These events you go to always look so amazing - such a mix of characters, crafts and happy people!
    I love the new straps too :)
    Carrie xxx

  3. Thanks, Carrie.
    Glad the fun and characters come through in my blog posts. I like the new straps,too!