Friday, February 18, 2011

Recycled Times Three

What do you do with scraps of fabric too small to sew into anything? Old t-shirts no longer worn? Cassette tapes, now that you have an MP3 player and don't listen to them? They all have potential for weaving!

Here is my new series of guitar straps using recycled materials. Before I could complete the last one, I put the first one up in the Etsy shop and it sold, so I couldn't photograph them as a collection.

Upcycled, Recycled T-shirt Guitar Strap
This one was made by cutting old t-shirts into strips.

Guitar Strap Woven with Cassette Tape

Black Cassette Tape was Woven Alongside the Black Cotton in the Center

Guitar Strap
Purple Cotton Paired with Recycled Sari Silk Yarn

For more about this yarn, look here.

I also did a similar series several months back for a Recycled art show. You can see them in this post. 

 And here is my pick of the week for Etsy Treasuries. Just look at all these lovely fibery creations! Such rich colors, too.  Fiber Treasury on Etsy.


  1. Since seeing your recycled t-shirt bands I have been collectiing and cutting, getting ready to make one of these for myself. Such a great idea, Thank you!

  2. Those are wonderful. Love the t-shirt one. Does it have a fair amount of stretch?

  3. Evelyn- good to know that the idea is spreading.
    Theresa- Yes, it is stretchy. That makes it hard to pair with any of my other weaving yarns, because stretch is usually something I try to stay away from.

  4. Ingenius, way to creatively recycle!