Monday, May 31, 2010

Collective 2010: Recycle, Reuse, Recreate

The above image is of a postcard advertising the current show at the Pajaro Valley Art Center in Watsonville. You can recycle the postcard. Cut along the dotted lines and make it into 3 bookmarks! Last weekend my friend Liz Crain and I went together to see it because we both have artwork in it.
About 70 artists turned trash into gallery pieces; jewelry, paintings, sculpture, and lots of assemblages!

It was fun to stroll the gallery with another artist and exchange our thoughts. Liz and I met at a marketing workshop for artists. We seem to have an endless stream of thoughts to share.
Here is Liz's piece. She made an assemblage of stuff left behind in her son, Max's room when he moved out. It is called Maxemblage.

This mobile by Erica Crawford was already sold. It is called "Antenna not Antenae Balls!"

I liked this "Body by Hank" made by Michael Seymour from car bumpers.

And this piece from Robin Russell called "Venus de Santa Cruz" was interesting.

And then there was "Beast#2" from Peter Koronakos.

And my 3 guitar straps from recycled materials.
Recycled Guitar Straps

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  1. Great theme for an art show. And everything so interesting and beautiful.