Monday, September 27, 2010

A Happy Customer

The world of blogging has introduced me to a lot of interesting people all around the world, mostly other weavers. Benita writes a blog here and does some fine weaving herself along with some spinning and dyeing. She recently made her husband, Scott, this beautiful scarf.  Inkle weaving is not her specialty, so she hired me to make two guitar straps, also for her husband. Over the course of the several weeks it took to get them done, she had a hard time keeping them a secret. Last Friday they arrived in the mail at her office, and she surprised him with them. She sent this photo. 

And then wrote this really nice post on her blog. I love the yellow guitar!

And, you may ask, who is Johnny Saturn? A comic book character created by Scott and Benita Story.
You can read the comic online here.
Thanks, Benita! And Happy Anniversary to Story Studios!
P.S. Here is a photo of the two straps together. Even though Benita asked for two straps with the name in gold letters on a black background, I just couldn't make them identical. The little pattern along the border is different, and the "doodle" inbetween the name repeats is different.


  1. And Scott is a happy camper, indeed. He's been telling all his friends about the straps as well as showing them off on the Johnny Saturn site. Thank you, again, for weaving these for me. They are even better than I imagined them to be.

  2. Yay, Benita! Happy customers make my world go round! I liked the photo essay of Scott opening the straps on your blog. And, today I was jealous to read about your drop spindle class with Abby.
    You certainly have a busy life.