Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finding Inspiration at the Farmer's Market

Farmers Market Mosaic

Just a few miles from my house there is a Saturday morning Farmers' Market. I consider it a treat to stroll the aisles. There are always friends and acquaintances that I bump into and get to visit with. There is a Farmers' Market String Band and they are really good!
Just look at these colors and textures!
You can buy homemade pies, local sausage, apricot syrup, hot corn on the cob, mushrooms already sliced for you, herbs, fruits and vegetables in every variety, cut flowers, potted plants and all sorts of other fun stuff. You can buy it all right from the folks who made or grew it. How cool is that?
The tables and bins piled with fruits and vegetables are beautiful. Who could resist trying something called "Flavor Grenade Pluot"?
Sometimes they invite artists in to display at the market. In my way of thinking, this is a perfect pairing. You can buy handcrafted goodies from the folks who make them. I got lucky enough to get a booth for next Saturday. Of course, I will have my loom with me and offer anyone who cares to join in the opportunity to weave on an inkle loom. And Katie, my neighbor in the previous post, will be giving me a basket of potholders to put out.

Kraut Juice Shots
Care for a drink? How about some sauerkraut juice?

A chance meeting with a fiber arts friend at the market led to a conversation about looms. While exploring the Ashford website, she found  a picture of me at Convergence. Nice surprise! Thanks, Richard.


  1. I don't get down to our local farmer's market near enough, but when I do, I am always surprised and delighted AND inspired by the bounty before me.
    Gene likes the home made donuts. ;)

  2. Absolutely love your pictures of the colors at the market. Great inspiration! Enjoy your market weekend as a vendor. I go to ours as often as I can to buy weekly groceries and have been a vendor a few times. It's a always a wonderful community.

  3. Farmer's markets are so wonderful. Most here are two days a week so they can sell fresher produce. Gorgeous colours, like sauerkraut, but the juice I'm not sure about!