Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Door to Door Weaving Sellers!

On Saturday afternoon, I heard voices coming up the walkway to my front door. When I peered out, I saw three little girls holding a basket. "Would you like to buy some potholders?" one asked.
The basket was half full of colorful potholders. Only half full, because they had been successfully selling them door-to-door. I quickly purchased two for 25cents each. A bargain!

Bella, Katie and Lily
After a brief conversation, I learned that the weaver was Katie, who apparently has a box full of these at home.

One of the potholders was called "Midnight Moose" she told me. Really? I had to buy that one.
 So exotic sounding, don't you think? She took the name from a chocolate sauce! I asked her if I could use it for one of my scarves.I liked the colors.
Midnight Moose

They agreed to let me photograph them and put it on my blog.They each left with one of my business cards so we could keep in touch.


  1. how adorable is that????bet you had fun with those girls. cool name for a potholder, any other cool names?????

  2. The name is neat and the colours great! Are they made from sock loopers? The girls look so sweet.

  3. Well, I have had people try to sell me all sorts of stuff at my front door. But weaving? That was amazing! Yes I had a great time with them. I have invited Katie to put a basket of potholders on my table at the Aptos Farmers Market when I am selling there on Sept.25th.
    I asked if the others had names, too. Nope. You bet I bought the one that did. My plan is to weave a scarf with those colors and give it the name.

  4. These girls are so sweet and the potholders adorable! I'd gladly buy some for myself!!

  5. How wonderful!!! I wonder if Katie would like to learn how to weave on an inkle loom... :)

  6. Katie is very excited to be featured on your blog. She is working on potholders for Farmer's Market.

  7. Katie's mom- Glad to hear it! We will have to get together this coming week. Are you going to the SC County Fair this weekend? There is a great fiber arts division in the Home Arts section. There will be spinners and weavers there demonstrating. I hope to get down there to see.