Monday, August 23, 2010


On August 13th-15th I participated in the Annual Summer Gathering of Mountain Men at Roaring Camp in Felton, CA. This is something like my 17th year at this event and it was a fabulous weekend among friends. The gathering is based on the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous period of the fur trade era from about 1825 to 1840 when traders would come from the east to rendezvous with independent fur trappers in the west to trade supplies for furs.
There are many events of this type all over the country and you may have seen my pictures from other ones. Each one has it's own flavor depending on the characters who show up. Some are very serious scholars of history and enjoy living it and teaching others about it. All are out to have a good time. There are always some "Traders" there, and I among them to sell my handwoven straps and sashes. Here are a sampling of photos from that event.

Sherman, on the left, is wearing a sash woven by me years ago. He is shopping for beads in the Sweetwater Trading tent.
Cathy in a custom sash I wove for her.
Candie added jingle cones to her sash.
Me and my weaving.

My friend, Troy, and I talking to a bagpiper. The tent behind me was my home for the weekend.

A visitor did this lovely little 3 minute video of our event.
Usually, at any event, I can be seen weaving. (What a surprise.) Above the photographer caught me practicing doing nothing. Later on  I got out the beautiful walnut drop spindle which I had purchased at Convergence and practiced spinning. The delicious hues of green in this bit of wool made it all the more enjoyable. At the end of Sunday I went home with some yarn on it and was completely satisfied at my effort. I plan to keep up the practice.


  1. Looks like it was a great weekend and all the woven items are just beautiful. Impressive as always. Just how long is that one Candie is wearing?

  2. Thanks, Theresa. I think it is 7ft. long. I make them in 7,8 and 9.

  3. I'm sad we missed the rondy... we also missed the Sacramento pow wow, so we're doing pretty poorly.

    I say, those outfits look mighty comfortable.