Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did I ever mention that I had a weakness for jewelry and handmade textiles?

Here are some lucky new additions to my wardrobe.
I had a serendipitous encounter with this Guatemalan huipil at the local Goodwill store. Since I have been to the village of San Juan Sacatepequez, I recognized the pattern. If you are interested in looking at Guatemalan textiles, I highly recommend this website. Nim Pot has a rather large warehouse store in Antigua, Guatemala where I spent a lot of time pawing through racks and piles of textiles .
Detail showing the "Feathered Serpent"

Another handwoven top arrived by mail from the very talented New Mexican fiber and fused glass artist, Robin Pascal. I saw and purchased one of Robin's mixed fiber tops in a shop in Madrid, NM a few years ago, and then met her at the Northern California Handweavers' Conference. Since then we have bumped into each other at a few conferences and I was able to visit her studio in Edgewood which is on the New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails. Her talent for mixing different fibers and textures and colors is much to my liking. This year I ordered another top, custom made.

Close-up detail of the color and texture.

To see more of Robin's work, visit her website here.

And, last, but not least, check out this stunning bracelet made by artist, Robin Stelling.

In her Etsy shop, CreativeBeadz, she sells handcrafted jewelry that "marries my passions for antique textiles, embroidery, beads and gemstones" This one is made from vintage Bedouin fabric featuring a piece of rutilated quartz. I discovered her work in a roundabout way because it was being promoted on  Facebook by Handmade Spark. (A site well worth checking out in itself.)
It was hard to narrow down my selection to just the one I liked best. I could still see myself wearing a few of the others from her shop.
I'd say I pretty well spoiled myself for this week. Thanks to the cool summer weather here on the Central Coast of California I didn't have to wait until fall or winter to wear all my new stuff!


  1. What a fab find that huipil is, and that you knew the pattern and it's origins. Very cool. The woven top is spectacular and I'm getting over to the website as soon as I finish this!. Great cuff, interesting use of materials.
    Okay, I'm finished, heading off. ;)

  2. Such beautiful diverse textiles! and wonderful to be wearing handwoven clothing.

  3. Annie, it's Josh Stark! I was about to post a picture of a beautiful sash I bought from you at my blog, and I thought, "hey, I wonder if she's online..."

    This is great! If you get a chance, come check out my blogs. I love your stuff, and we miss you and will be in touch.

  4. I'm so pleased you've included my bracelet in your wonderful collection of textiles!