Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking About New Mexico

It seems so long ago now, although I have only been home for 19 days.  I came back to the coldest summer in 40 years here in California, but am still thinking warm thoughts of New Mexico.
When I packed to leave, I wasn't sure if I was going to teach a class in Espanola or not. Only 2 people had signed up for sure. Well, I packed everything I would need just in case. Guess what? That leap of faith was a good one. We ended up with 9 students! Some brought looms, some rented looms there and one lucky lady went home with a new loom. I hope that everyone learned something new. One very experienced and perceptive weaver was picking up letters by the end of class! Here are a few snapshots. It was great to see so many inkles in one room together. A heart-felt thank you to all who came and participated! And also the staff at EVFAC for giving me the opportunity.

Part of what made this whole trip special and also made it easy was my friend Joanne who lives in Albuquerque. She and I love to go traveling and exploring together. She came along with me for the class. We spent the night in Chimayo at this lovely little bed and breakfast, Casa Escondida. I highly recommend it!
We enjoyed the hot tub and watched lightning while we soaked. The sounds of roosters, horses, and donkeys from nearby neighbors just added to the experience. The apricot trees in front of our cottage bore tasty, ripe fruits and we were encouraged to eat all that we could! I did!

While I was teaching Inkle Weaving, Joanne was busy in the next room weaving a rag rug from Pendelton selvedges. The staff at EVFAC helped her use the loom they have set up for this purpose. In a couple of hours she was able to complete it and was proud to take it home finished. 

And here is the view that I enjoyed so much from the front porch of Joanne's house. She feeds the birds everyday and so there were always some to keep me company. Several of our delicious meals included fresh produce from the front yard garden. What a treat!


  1. Wow, that looks like a great time for everyone! Congrats on the sucess of your class. I wish I could've taken it!

  2. What a beautiful place Joanne has! And the time spent in NM sounds absolutely magical.