Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Scarf Time Again

Since sometime in Spring, I have not been weaving scarves. While this has been a cool summer here on the coast, in most parts of the country it has been hot. I figured that folks would just not be interested in scarves.
Two weeks ago, I made 4 new scarves and promptly sold two of them at a weekend craft fair. So, here I go.....
My scarf yarns are fun to play with. They include things which are lumpy, bumpy, fuzzy, sparkly, shiny and variegated. I usually pick one yarn to start with and add things which I think would go with it. I think of some of them as yarn collages. Like this one which includes about 10 different yarns. The picture shows most of them but I also made a few spontaneous additions while warping.
Includes Bamboo, Cotton, Tencel, Silk, Soy, Wool and Polyamide.
The Woven Scarf

This one is called "Got it Bright the First Time"
In this one, I decided to try lining up the color changes in one of the variegated bamboo yarns. Great result! You might even think this was an ikat planned in the dying process.

Last weekend I wandered into a yarn shop in Pacific Grove, called Monarch Knitting & Quilts and found this amazing skein of yarn made of sugar cane. It became the chosen one and then I picked 3 other yarns to go with it.
Sugar Cane Yarn
Clockwise from Left: Sugar Cane, Silk Boucle, Handpainted Bamboo, Rayon Rick Rack

The Warp on the Loom
The Woven Scarf


  1. Hi Annie,
    What are the dimensions for your scarves? (width x length)



  2. Oh Annie, love seeing the process--love the ikat-looking one! Wonderful! xo Cait

  3. Thanks, Cait.
    Naomi, the scarves are skinny, about 2 1/2- 3" wide and 53-55" long. ~Annie

  4. Oh beautiful colors. Love the new sugar cane yarn and it played so well with the choices you made!
    Rain here today north of you, we so need it and yes, scarf weather is upon us!

  5. What fun to put out all the yarns for mixing and matching. The "ikat" style one is my favourite!

  6. Wow, I love all of them! Who would have thought of making yarn out of sugar cane? The colors are just great.