Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have it your way.

Custom orders can be fun. I have lots of ideas about what to weave, but it is sometimes fun to use someone else's ideas. Other people can suggest color combinations that I would not have come up with, but find interesting.

There are a couple of variations of Celtic knot patterns that I weave which are always popular.
Recently several customers have asked for a special version in their colors, size, type of knotwork and choice of yarn. I never do any two alike. I refuse! Each one has to be a unique work of art.

This past week I finished up this guitar strap for a customer in Washington. His color choices were rust and black. This sort of copper color is what I found that looked great against the black background. I added a little blue along the borders for extra interest. (The photos don't show that there are actually two different blues in there. I ran out of the first one and put only two warps of the second color in, but because it is brighter blue, it added a lot.) He likes it.

Just got this photo of the strap on it's new guitar!

Then there was this wool sash with purple knots, the customer's favorite color. It will go well with his kilt.

And finally, a wool sash for a man to go with his capote. (Coat made of a blanket, popular among Fur Trade Era Re-eactors.)

Oops! It was supposed to be the same kind of knot as the purple one above. That type requires 15 pattern threads, and I messed up when I warped it and put only 13 pattern threads, which is right for making this other type. Not what the customer ordered, but I love how this one turned out. It looks really nice on me, so I may have to keep it and make the customer another one.
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  1. These weavings are all so beautiful. The copper and blue especially. As I struggle with figuring out how to read patterns, I see you have floats over 5 passes. I guess I shouldn't be concerned tho longer ones might be a problem. All the up/down of reading the patterns is confusing so far. I guess picking up the pattern so it is on the top instead of the bottom as I have been doing would be easier!

  2. Evelyn- I highly recommend this video.It is the best thing for helping to understand pickup patterns. She demonstrates weaving the Celtic knot pattern and also reading the pattern. Very well done.

  3. That was a great video! Thank you. I think I became confused with the ups and downs after reading the beginning instructions for pick-up and didn't really get the second part properly. Now I understand where I went wrong.

  4. Thank you for the video! I need it too. The bands all look grand. I like the brown with the unexpected knot but the guitar band certainly looks perfect with it's new guitar! Lovely work.

  5. I just love that custom order! Oh my gosh! I just might have to place a custom order myself;)

  6. Evelyn and Theresa I am so happy to share this video. I think she does such and excellent job of explaining the technique.
    Sunrise Lodge- You can have it your way! We could easily arrange a trade. You have some pretty yarns in your Etsy shop....