Monday, May 17, 2010


Last weekend I attended the Sierra Muzzleloaders Spring Rendezvous, especially because two very dear friends were going to celebrate their marriage at the event.
Neither my husband nor my son were able to go with me this time. It was a five hour drive to get there followed by lots of unloading and setting up the canvas tent and outdoor sash shop. I almost wimped out Thursday night because my back was giving me troubles and I was afraid it would get worse. But Friday morning came around, the truck was already packed so I got in and went.
I put in an audio book by Iyanla Vanzant, "Faith", and hit the road. I love her humor and common sense advice. I've probably listened to this tape a dozen times, but the message is a good one, and one I needed to hear- again.
The weekend was fantastic! I didn't get lost or hurt myself or any of those other things I was afraid of.

These are the things that I would have missed if I had stayed home:
  • Red dirt, purple lupines, blue sky and green pines along the road up to camp. Gorgeous!
  • People there were nice and it was easy to get help setting up and tearing down my camp.
  • I made new friends.
  • I enjoyed my old friends.
  • There were a million stars in the night sky. Stunning!
  • A small flock of geese circled above camp honking loudly just to make sure we were all awake each morning.
  • I ate the most amazing hash ever for breakfast.
  • While eating breakfast in camp, we watched the cannons shooting.
  • Many of my woven pieces were sold.
  • During the wedding ceremony, both the bride and groom were wearing something woven by me.
  • The bride's sister told wonderful Maidu stories.
  • The groom hugged me and told me he was SO glad I was there. This alone was worth the trip!
So here's to friends -old and new, happy marriages, mother nature, and my amazing woven life! And Faith!
The happy couple, Larry and Cat, are on the far right facing the camera. This beautiful green meadow was the site for their ceremony.
Cat is a basketweaver. Much of the stuff I pack to go to camp, I pack in baskets I have collected from her over the years. You can see her work here.
Larry is a very talented jeweler and I also own a bit of his silverwork and use his conchos on my moccasins. In this way, he also travels with me to every rendezvous. You can see some of his work here.


  1. What a lovely time and it looks like you had some lovely weather to go with it.

  2. I also had a wonderful, unforgettable weekend thanks to friends like you who came to help celebrate. I am so glad you didn't wimp out - To me you are such strong woman, I am amazed that wimp is in your vocabulary. Can't wait for more pictures. Love Cat

  3. They do fantastic arts. Thanks for sharing theses blogs.
    √ČliDeNeige (ou folledecouleur on weavolution)