Thursday, June 3, 2010

Handspun Fun

Last weekend, when I went to visit my friend Elise, I also visited my spinning wheel. It is on long term loan. I'm not sure just when I will decide to take up spinning and ask for it back.
But I do love handspun yarn!
I dug into my handspun stash and decided to use up small balls. Always interesting if I make myself such a challenge.
In the first one is a nice mossy green wool/mohair blend and some rusty colored wool. I added a little black for outlines. Nice.

Then I found these pinks, purples and gray which all seemed to have common tones.
Beautiful. The gray was a soft single ply that let go in several places while I was weaving. This just added to the already lumpy texture and homespun look of the piece. Yarn shown on the loom before and off the loom after.

Well, that got me into a purply mood and I was liking the pebbly look.
Here is what came next. It reminds me of a berry smoothie.
And the latest, which I put on my loom this morning before work.

This last one just might just work well as a strap for one of the red wool bags that Elise and I were sewing up, which is why I went over to her place. I'll tell you about those soon.....
I think the first three will end up being sold as sashes or straps. I have another living history event coming up in two weeks and am working on adding to my inventory.


  1. They are all wonderful, but I really like the first two. Handspun certainly gives bands a different look. I like it!

  2. beautiful colors! I love the subtle egyptian key on the last band

  3. I love the colors on the last band!

  4. Thanks, all. I like the last one a lot, myself. The colors are great together and the photo even enhanced that somewhat. I also really like the second from the top with it's pebbly texture and subtle color blend.