Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scarves on Sale

I am thinking about spring. In my climate (California's Central Coast), you can wear a scarf year-round. Most of my scarves are woven of bamboo, soy, cotton and other fibers that make them appropriate for all seasons. Some do contain wool, alpaca, mohair and other wintry fibers.
Since my Etsy shop has quite a few scarves in it, I decided to put them on sale.
If you do a scarf search on Etsy, like I did just now, you will find 83,776 listings covering 3990 pages. With competition like that, it's a wonder I have sold any scarves at all there.
Here are some of my favorites that are currently listed.


  1. Hi, I've just discovered your blog, and your work is beautiful! I've just bought an inkle loom, and I'm really enjoying reading back through your blog and seeing all the lovely things you've made.
    So thanks for the inspiration!
    Carrie xx

  2. Yay! Another inkle weaver. Thanks for introducing yourself. The inkle is often overlooked but so practical and FUN!

  3. When will Etsy ever give handwovens their own categories? (With a sub-category for inkles of course!!)

  4. SleyTheDent-
    Wow! Wouldn't that be cool? I wonder if listing guitar straps under "music" is the best way to get them found. And belts get lost in "accessories". Would people searching for a belt or a guitar strap think to look in a category called "handwoven"? I take turns using these tags: woven, handwoven, hand woven, inkle, inkle weaving. I never know what is going to work.
    I just keep weaving and listing!