Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shades of Red

There is a great group of artists which I am a happy member of, The Aromas Hills Artisans. The group includes artists of all varieties and generally creative people.We have monthly meetings which include show and tell. Each month we pick a theme for the following month. February's theme is "Shades of Red".

It just so happens that I use a lot of red in my weaving, so I have many things to share. I wanted to share them with you too. They say red is the hardest color to photograph, so I am trying to be patient with myself as I learn how to do it.
Lately I have been on a guitar strap kick, so that's mostly what I am sharing.
This is the strap that I wove to the theme. There are 4 different shades of red in this strap, although some of them look more purple here.

These other straps get a mention because they have red in them somewhere.

This one is made of an 8 ply yarn containing "new textile wast originating in the apparel and textile industry". It isn't too red, more like a mixed berry smoothie.

And this one I like because of the vivid colors. It's asymmetrical pattern was sort of an accident, but I really like the one red thread along the one border.

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