Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Strap for a Bag

This is a fun collaboration between friends.
The bag was knitted by the very talented hands of a friend, using some beautiful dark grey wool with bright teal highlights here and there.
Although these same very talented hands do also weave on an inkle loom, the Celtic Knot pattern has become a sort of specialty of mine. I have woven this pattern so many times, that my hands can re-create it with little involvement from my brain.
So, when my friend asked if I would weave a strap for the bag, I agreed happily.
After trying out several yarns, I settled on these cottons because they were just the right color, I thought. If the strap was a bit wider, that would have been better.
Woven at a length of 6ft., it should be enough to turn the bag into a backpack.


  1. I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS!!! lol-

  2. Does that mean the package arrived or are you admiring the photo?

  3. Your work is lovely. I am an inkle loom and card weaving fan but haven't developed my work as far as yours.