Monday, December 7, 2009

You may remember a while back when I decided to weave with cassette tapes. If not, here is the earlier post. Up until now, I have used the tape for warp and brightly colored nylon for weft because it shows through a little. So far it is an interesting idea that amuses people who see these pieces, but I have not found a practical application. I did a put a buckle on one piece for a belt, entered it in the fair and won a prize. I hid the part where the tape along the edge got torn by the buckle. It doesn't tie well for a sash. It's plastic and not neck friendly for a scarf.
This week someone asked me if I could make a guitar strap with cassette tape. At first, I said no. It isn't very strong. Besides, the plastic wouldn't be comfortable to wear.
This was followed by a middle-of-the-night epiphany. What if I used two strands together, one cassette tape and one cotton? This would make it more durable and more comfortable! I searched through my stash of tapes. Most of them are brown. I finally found a black one and warped it up with some black cotton.
Click on these photos to enlarge.

Oh, yeah! I'm onto something here. I need to find a strap tester and see how this holds up before I start offering them for sale.


  1. That's a cool idea - especially for a guitar strap. I'm surprised at how good it looks!! You could do different combos of colors too - well if it holds up. I think pink or fuchsia would look good with tape too!

    Have fun!


  2. Thanks! This one feels so much nicer with the cotton than the previous ones. I've asked a friend to test the strength and durability for me. We'll see. If it works, it will be very cool. I can do custom orders. "Whose music would you like on your casette tape strap?"