Monday, November 30, 2009

So Many Colors, So Little Time

What I sold most of last weekend was guitar straps, so I set out to replenish my stock this week. Playing with yarn is so much fun! Most commonly, I use 3 colors for a piece because it is just easy to design with three. There is no rule and more can be more interesting. Once I get started, more color combinations occur to me.
Here are the ones I actually got around to weaving this week.

This last one is still on the loom.

Of course, there are more cued up in my head. This being Monday morning, however, I will be expected to show up at work today, so playtime is over.
Until I went to photograph them just now, I didn't realize that they all contain blue! What if someone doesn't like blue? Better weave more.


  1. They're all beautiful...but I especially love the one on the far left with the bits of green and purple.

    Interesting that you sold lots of guitar straps. I don't really think of there being lots of guitar players around, but maybe there are. Those are beautiful guitar straps for sure!

    Have fun!

  2. Nice bands, I especially like that one that's on the loom.

    I've been trying to use about 5 colours, and yes, less colours is definitely easier. With the dark nights I've found I muddled up similar colours when I was trying to warp under artificial light, the obvious thing to do would be to follow your example and keep the colours simple next time. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, ladies!
    I do sell a lot of guitar straps as gifts, whereas scarves are more likely to be purchased for the buyer themselves. Guitar straps outsold scarves at the last show. Everyone has a neck, but not everyone has a guitar. Go figure!
    Dorothy, it sounds like we have the same problem choosing colors after dark. I am going to purchase an Ott light or something similar that shows true color. Painter friends have them and swear that this is what I need. -Annie