Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Goes to a Quilt Show to Buy Shoes?

Well, that's not why I went. The Pajaro Valley Quilters Association holds an annual show in Watsonville, CA that I have heard much about but never attended until this year. I have always liked quilts. I like the designs, colors, textures, and the recycling aspect. I like patchwork and applique, story quilts, wedding quilts, baby quilts, and the stitching that holds it all together can be an artform all of its own. Wow! This show was fabulous!
Since I am not interested in trying quilting myself, I figured I'd be safe breezing through the vendor hall without wanting to spend any money. But then I saw the shoes! I have a friend who says you can never be sad when you are wearing red shoes. And they were comfortable, too.

They are made from molas, a type of reverse applique made by the Kuna indians of Panama.
The shoes are called Kuna Prints and are created and marketed by MamaShaman.
Of course, as soon as I got them home, I had to weave them a special pair of shoelaces!


  1. Amazing. It means quilted shoes.

  2. Cool shoes, Annie! I love that you made them even more special with your own handmade laces. You and MamaShaman need to have adjoining booths at an art fair. Connie

  3. Those shoes are too cool. And I love the shoelaces.