Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Much Yarn is Enough?

Sometimes I say that I probably have a lifetime's supply of yarn. After all, I have been collecting it for decades. When you walk through the main hallway in my house this is what you see at the end of it. People are often surprised by the quantity. Well, a few years ago, a carpet mill in Union City went out of business and I bought a couple of hundred pounds of carpet wool. How could I pass up such a bargain? I use it for the Mountain Man sashes and straps. It's too scratchy for scarves. (Maybe some day I'll show you that scarf yarn stash, or the cottons, or the silks, or the linens, or the handspun wools. This is just the carpet wool.)
Yesterday I went to the end of the hall and grabbed a few hanks. My husband says I need all the yarn so I have color options. It is fun just to look at what you have and put something together. This is what I came up with. Nice colors, I think.
Thank Goodness for yarn stashes and supportive husbands!

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