Monday, March 16, 2009

Strap A Day (Almost)

Recently I started reading a blog by a charming Canadian weaver.
She decided to weave a scarf a day and blog about them as she goes.
This was inspirational. Although I can sometimes find time each day to weave a piece, I don't think I can also photograph and post a blog about it each day. These 18 straps and sashes represent my work over the course of the last 3 weeks (Some of them showed up in previous posts). There is another one on the loom. That's almost one a day.
Here are some close ups. I know I need to work on my photography skills, but you get the idea.


  1. Wow! Those are beeeoootiful! And tons more work than one simple plain weave scarf, especially when you've got to dress the loom for each and every one. Or am I displaying my total lack of knowledge when it comes to inkle weaving - are some of those done on the same warps? Some of those blue ones at the bottom look like they could be...?

    By the way, if you've got a scanner, try laying some of your straps right on the scanner bed. It works a treat for close ups of flat things.

    Thanks for the shout out re: Scarfaday. :) Glad to know folks out there are enjoying it! As for being "a charming Canadian weaver"... I'll leave the 'charming' for others to decide (tho' I'm pleased as punch you think so!) but I'm actually an import: I'm from the Seattle area originally. Learned to weave after moving here, though, so maybe it kinda still counts?

  2. Hi,Janet.
    Thanks for the tip about scanning. I'll try that next time.
    Yes, each and every one of those pieces is done on a separate warp. Inkle is warp-faced. Since I do a lot of pickup patterns, it is possible to weave multiple (short) items with different appearances on the same warp.
    Since I have been weaving for over 30 years, warping can go quickly.
    One of the fun things about being on the internet is that people anywhere in the world can see what you post. I have Google Analytics on my account and it shows me a map of where visitors are from. According to the map, you are Canadian. According to me you are charming. --Annie