Thursday, June 3, 2021

Announcing the Birth of a New Book

Back in 2016, I wrote a tutorial on a Baltic-style weaving technique that I called 3-Color Pickup.
At that time, I had no way to chart patterns for it. Now, with the use of my favorite free online tool, the Pattern Editor, I can! This inspired me to draw up patterns to share with other weavers, along with an expanded description of the technique. Just published, "Three-Color Pickup for Inkle Weavers" is a 138-page book. It's available now as a PDF and in mid-June, will also be available in a spiral-bound paper book. Find it here on

Unknown to most modern weavers, this is an older technique for which pattern books have not been readily available until now. I learned about it from the book, Lithuanian Sashes, To weave this variation, it's essential that you have a working knowledge of regular Baltic pickup. 

Beginning with 33 pages of text and illustrations, the book introduces you to the pattern charts and information specific to 3-color pickup. This is followed by a catalog of 100 individual interactive patterns. A few sample pages are below. Click on any page to enlarge it. 

The 100 patterns range from simple to complex. You can choose from narrower or wider options, long or short ones, asymmetrical or symmetrical ones, traditional Baltic designs, or a variety of motifs inspired by many other sources. As you will know, Baltic pickup uses diagonal lines to form pattern motifs, but it's interesting to see how many ways you can use diagonals. 

Each pattern is displayed on its own page where you are given a warping draft and a pickup draft, a full-color photo of a woven sample, and a data sheet with helpful details. The patterns are interactive because each one has a link to the online Pattern Editor where you can enlarge it for easier viewing or print it in a larger size. You can also edit it there in any way that you choose.


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