Sunday, May 27, 2018

Exciting New Online Tool for Inkle Weavers!!

This is the best new thing to come along for inkle weavers in years!!!

It was created by Jeff Bigot of France. I am especially pleased since he wrote to tell me about it and cited my blog as one of his inspirations. How cool is that?
His other inspiration was The Corolignian Realm's Inkle Weaving Pattern Generator which has helped MANY inkle weavers over the last years.

Try out the new Inkle Loom Pattern Editor here:

For detailed instructions in PDF form or video, look here:

It has some outstanding features!

Here are some highlights:

  • *You can select your own colors using a color picker. Once you find the exact color you want, copy the HEX code and paste it into the Pattern Editor. Amazing! Here's the Color Picker site I  use:
  • *The cells are uniquely shaped to represent threads in a woven band, so you get a great preview of what your woven band will look like.
  • *With one click you can create a PNG file of your design and save it to your computer.
  • *Start your pattern on the left side, and click the SYMETRY button and it will automatically reverse the pattern and fill in the right side for you.
  • *Once the design is filled in, click the ROTATE button to try the colors in a different order within that pattern.
  • The tool can be downloaded to your computer so that you can use if offline!! To do this, simply right click with your mouse next to the heading 
    "Seizenn − Band Weaving Pattern Editor" and then in the dropdown menu, select "Save As". A new window will pop up. At the bottom in the dropdown menu, select "Webpage, Complete". 

Below is a 1" wide piece that I wove and the pattern for it created with the Inkle Loom Pattern Editor.

I liked it so much that I modified the pattern to create a 2" version. On this blog, I offer many free patterns for inkle weavers to use.  Consider that any of the 1" patterns found HERE could be turned into a 2" pattern by adding some threads. Compare the design below to the one above.
The 1" version has 41 threads and the 2" version has 77 threads.


  1. Fantastic !!!!, once I learn how to use it .

  2. Thank you! This is so much better than the site i was using before. Is there a reason that you do not use the colour picker "Global Colour Pallet" that is on the Inkle Loom Pattern Editor?

    1. Marianne,
      Glad you like this, too! I use the version over on the Color Picker site because it seems easier to isolate the colors I want in the larger format. Also, it has some extra tools for learning about color, seeing the RGB mixes, selecting by name, choosing a palette of colors that work together, and I can record the color numbers that I like for future reference. ~Annie

  3. Thank you Annie. I will check that out. I am not as prolific as you, and have a limited palette - though the company I buy silk from has over 100 colours! It will be a good idea to assign a number to a colour name, though I may not be quite that organized. Plus, I can save the patterns, yes?

    1. Yes. There is a button to click which saves the designs as a PNG file which you can download. Very clever, really!

  4. Oh my!!! Thank you!!

  5. is there an easy way to correlate omega sinfonia colors to the hex number for that color to use in the program? I use the program all the time and almost exclusively use omega sinfonia for my bands.

    1. Wouldn't that be great! I just pick colors that I think look close. Once you have a color you like, you can save the hex # and always use it for the same yarn color.

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