Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program

This year  marks my tenth one selling on Etsy.
I'm a big fan! They make it easy to set up shop even for people with minimal experience with online marketing. In about 2012 they created a classroom curriculum to help new sellers. It's called the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program.

In one class session, I became a model. The scarf is by Arlene Prescott of Santa Fe.
While she didn't pursue opening an Etsy shop, she's got a great website here.

In 2015, I became a CEP teacher. I love helping people to learn and launch their shops!
The program requires a non-profit organization as a partner to help organize the classes. Here in New Mexico, the partner is WESST. So far, they've brought the program to 7 cities in NM. In some cases there is grant money to help cover the expenses of the class, making them free or very inexpensive to the students.

In Etsy's words:

"Our mission is to expand access to microbusiness education for underrepresented creative entrepreneurs. By empowering organizations to utilize our curriculum, we are able to create pathways for entrepreneurship within the Etsy marketplace. The Craft Entrepreneurship curriculum is a hands-on educational toolkit that helps makers use their existing craft skills to learn how to start, manage, and grow a microbusiness. In partnership with organizations that value creative entrepreneurship, we can help cities across the world realize the vision of an inclusive, thriving Etsy Economy."

" Our curriculum is designed to be taught in-person by experienced, local Etsy sellers who are trained and prepared for the classroom. Participants put their learning directly into action by starting and running an Etsy shop..."

Learn more here.

We are currently planning a class series in Española. Here's the flyer. Please share with anyone in Northern NM who you think might be interested.

An excellent benefit of the classes for me, is getting to meet artisans and crafters doing all sorts of cool stuff! Sometimes, I get to model! Sometimes I make new friends!
Here are a few links to students' shops:

Colorful cut paper collage:

Sterling and stone jewelry:


Stained glass and wood:

Beeswax candles:

Paper cuts and illustrations:

Statement necklaces:

Art prints:

My 3 Etsy shops are here:
Assorted woven straps and bands, yarn, tools, tutorials:
Guitar Straps:
Sashes and straps for historic costume:

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