Thursday, March 29, 2018

Inkle Classes in My Home Studio

My home in the mountains near Albuquerque has proven to be a very nice place to have classes!! The New Mexico sun shines here almost every day, filling the spacious rooms with light.
The photo below was taken in the living room during a class on the basics of finger loop braiding.

My weaving room (AKA The Color Lab) houses a great stash of yarns! I always have my favorite cotton, Omega Sinfonia, on hand in sufficient quantities and colors for students to choose from. I also sell it from my Etsy shop HERE.

I've just finished creating a schedule of classes for 2018. There are several topics to choose from including:  Color & Design, Setting up & Weaving, Baltic-Style Pickup, and 3-Color Pickup.
For the full schedule, check HERE.  To sign up, send me an email to:
If these classes don't fit your schedule, contact me for a private lesson.

If you live far from Albuquerque, consider taking a vacation here! There are SO many amazing things to see! I'm working with local Airbnb hosts to provide accommodations to students who come from out of the area.

I'm especially excited to teach the two hour Color & Design Planning classes for the first time!
Playing with color is one of my favorite activities and I can teach you a thing or two about using color in your inkle designs. I have hundreds of woven swatches to look through for inspiration.
We can analyze them, talk about design elements and colors, and learn some do's and don'ts.
Try my method for weaving up a quick sample without using your loom.
I'll  help you to chart your own designs on special graph paper so that you can take them with you to use when you set up your loom later. Or, stay for part two of the class and set up your loom while you are still here.

 I've written a tutorial on the 3-Color Pickup which has been used by weavers around the globe.
Now you can get the hands-on classroom version!
 I love this technique and the colorplay that it allows.

Find the tutorial HERE in my Etsy Shop.


  1. That’s nice. Do you teach this online as well? Because I am sure that I live very far from your place and I want to learn it so that I can also teach my kids. I saw this handwork in a workshop that took place in one of the home studios NYC last year. Therefore, I don’t remember much about it.

    1. Hi. At this time, I don't teach online. There is another teacher who has an online course in inkle weaving, I think. Look into classes from Daryl Lancaster. Good luck!

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