Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Colossally Long Sash

I just finished weaving this sash and it's twice as long as me!

It's actual measurements are 3.5" wide by 143" long.
It was woven using carpet and tapestry wool yarns and is rather stout!

The pattern is one that I designed and like to use every once in a while.
You can find the chart for weaving it at the end of this post. 

The customer asked me to braid the fringes. 

This is the floor-standing inkle loom which I used to weave it.
It was home made using the plans from "Inkle Weaving" by Helene Bress

The sash will be part of an outfit similar to the one below, worn by a "Mountain Man", or someone who reenacts the Fur Trade Era. I have woven many sashes and straps for reenactors.
Click here to see a fun photo album of people wearing my pieces at a large 
Rendezvous event from 2010.
My Etsy shop, iWeaveSashes, has many straps and sashes for reenactors.

 The pattern chart looks like this. 


  1. Colossally long and amazingly beautiful I'd say.

  2. Super-looking and oh so looooong. Weaving is one of the coolest hand skills that one can learn; you are really good at it and share so eloquently. Thank you very much.