Sunday, September 9, 2012

Northern California Renaissance Faire - Guest Artist

The Northern California Renaissance Faire runs for five consecutive weekends during September and October at Casa de Fruta in Hollister. This wooded venue is transformed into "Willington, a small village in the countryside of western England inhabited by hard working peasant farmers and crafters". 
This faire is a large well-run theatrical production. When you walk inside the gates you are transported to another time and place. Actors and performers are not only on stages and in booths, but walking the streets everywhere and they will draw you into their world!

One of the highlights is live jousting. Have you ever seen knights in armor on horseback charging with lances? I also enjoy the humorous and sometimes bawdy skits, the dancing and music. The food and drink is not what you will find at your county fair. How about a whole turkey leg and a glass of mead?

There are booths filled with handmade delights. "Our marketplace of master artisans once again offers the latest designs and finest hand work in blown glass, keen blades, armor and chain mail, romantic clothing, leather-work, woodwork, hand wrought jewelry, sculpture and much, much more".

I've been attending this event for years and really enjoy myself. A couple of years back on this blog, I wrote about the experience and stated "I have dreams of setting up a booth and selling my handwoven straps and sashes." This year, I got lucky. The marketplace director saw photos of my work on the Primitive Adornments website and invited me to show as a guest artist. So, dream come true! 
The Faire begins next weekend and runs through mid-October. I will be there on September 15th & 16th and October 6th & 7th.  Click here to print a two for one coupon for opening weekend. 

I hung my current inventory yesterday to see if it would fill a booth. Looks like a lot, right? 


  1. Huzzah! Enjoy your "Rennie" experience!

  2. Thanks, Martha! I will learn so much the first time; hopefully, enough to get invited back!

  3. It seems like a dream to me! Enjoy it!

  4. Wow! Such a great opportunity. I'm sure you'll do great. Grats!