Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello From New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment

An adventure a day in New Mexico!
Here are a few of the highlights:
Today I taught a class at the coolest place, Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center.
I had three very capable students who all went home happy with projects on their inkle looms. It was busy for me, even with only three, so I didn't have the presence of mind to take photos. After it was all over, I went out onto the street in front and saw this awesome lowrider show that was taking place. The camera was ready then.
These guys take custom cars to a high level and the artistry and building skills are truly astounding.
The jumping contest took place while I was inside. Darn!

Yesterday included a tour of the vaults at the Millicent Rodgers Museum. Wow! The vaults are full and the museum itself is really well laid out with many galleries leading into one another. I especially enjoyed the jewelry exhibits and fantastic Rio Grande textiles!  Highly recommended!
Then a drive along the high road from Taos back to where we stayed the night in Espanola afforded the most fantastic views of one of the most stunning areas I've laid eyes on, around Truchas.

While in Truchas, we stopped in to the  Anna-Karin Gallery .  The gallery combines the work of four artists; we found Craig Scogin there and enjoyed our visit with him. Another of the artists, Jeane George-Weigel, writes a blog here and regularly posts beautiful photographs of the town on her Facebook page, here.
The gallery sits along the main road through town in a very old adobe building.

Perhaps not as old as this one, a few doors down.

We've enjoyed lightning storms for three nights in a row while staying at the Ocho Guest House as well as the crowing of the rooster in the morning. Proprietors, Leigh and James have made us feel right at home.

All this in just the last couple of days!
Earlier in the week, I did manage to get some weaving in. Thanks to Roch Hart of New Mexico Jeep Tours, I found a nice spot.

Roch provided a great tour of wide open spaces near Albuquerque.

We saw petroglyphs, wild horses, and ruins of several small settlements. If you ever go there, book a tour!!
And if you want to see a preview of tour sights, check out Roch's stunning photographs on Flickr here.


  1. What a way to begin the day - miserably homesick thanks to you! :-) Next to being "home" among my mountains which you have so beautifully shared, I can't think of anything i would love more than taking a class at the center from you!

    I am sorry you missed out on the "jumping cars" however. I am surprised the show didn't interrupt class altogether. Those guys are brilliant!

    Visiting the Millicent Rogers Museum to sitting quietly with your loom in the beautiful desert - your days were filled with richly rewarding experiences - visually and spiritually.

    Thank you so, so much for taking the time to share them here.

  2. Pam- I feel as though you understand the richness of this trip and all that it meant to me. New Mexico is aptly named "the Land of Enchantment" and the connections which I made on this trip will last long into my future. When we make our home there, you'll have to come visit!