Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help! Google+ Photo Destruction!

This is partly an announcement, partly a complaint, but mostly an ask for help.
Maybe someone out there has a solution. You see, I've accidentally deleted all of the photos from my blog for the last 2 1/2 years worth of posts. The ones on the first page have been replaced, but if you look back to any post earlier than October 30th of this year, there are ugly black boxes where my photos used to be.
It all started when I thought I'd be cool and start myself a Google+ page. When I did that, a photo album showed up there with all of my blog photos in it. I didn't want it there, so I deleted it.
Oh, BAD MOVE!  With the patient help of my daughter, we concluded that it was the album where all of my blog photos were hosted. So, when I deleted the album it left nothing for my blog to reference, and the result is black holes all over the place. Like this. The post is sort of hilarious without photos.

Thanks to Marsha (Pandula Arts Creations) for sending me an e-mail and alerting me that there was a problem.
Does anyone have any idea about how to recover a deleted Picasa Web Album?  I've posted the question in the Google help forums. Although, I did send a message to Google, they tell you that they do not respond individually to these messages.  Ugh!


  1. Stupid question, but don't you have the pics still on your hard drive somewhere? Or what about Flickr? I mean, I am right now looking at pics under the heading "Flickr Photo Album", aren't the other ones that you erased in there too?

  2. Hmmm- seems like Google+ may have taken over & renamed your photos, since they are still there in Flickr.

    I Googled and found this:

  3. I did a google search and saw a note that deleted items might still be in your computer 'trash can'.

    Also found this -

  4. And the link didn't show. Again: ""

  5. I hope you find them. I love your blog and photos.

  6. do you use picasa on your computer to upload the photos to your blog? If so I think there is a list of uploaded photos in that program. Good luck I hope you find them.

  7. Hi. Thanks to all for your suggestions!!!!! Let me reassure you that I do still have all 700 some photos stored on my computer, on a card and some are also on Flickr. If given enough time, I can one by one go through each of my blog posts going back to the beginning (150-200?) and figure out which pictures were there, find them and put them back. That seems a bit overwhelming. What I'm hoping is possible, is to restore the Picasa album where they were stored in conjunction with this Blogger blog so that they will once again show up in their proper places. I uploaded my photos from my computer directly to the blog and was unaware that they were all in a Picasa album. I think that I deleted that album because I didn't realize it's significance when it showed up on my Google+ page, but I'm not certain. There is unfortunately no direct connection between my Flickr account (Yahoo) and this blog. I followed the links suggested above and read some other stuff in Google help forums. This is a widespread problem judging by the number of posts there. There may be some connection between starting a Google+ account and having your Blogger photos disappear from your blog. Whew! Learning the hard way! I'll keep trying, and going forward you can certainly expect more photos. Wait til you see what I'm working on now! Thanks, dear readers, for you continued readership and support. ~Annie

  8. Hi Annie, I am so glad you are forging ahead with fixing this! Your blog is a bright point for a lot of readers. Try just doing a little at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. Maybe you already saw this-->
    Explains some stuff about google+ that is helpful for me---my husband signed up for it but I didn't since I couldn't even understand it...

    Good luck,

  9. Thanks, Ingrid. It is great to have readers like you who make the effort worthwhile. I get so excited about stuff sometimes and it is great to share it and I'm glad folks are out there....
    I'm gonna go follow that link as it looks very interesting. ~A

  10. Oh my friend, i am so, so sorry this has happened to you. It hasn't been that long since I closed my unused gmail account and lost my entire googoe reader. and in that case there was no retrieval. It was gone.

    I wish i could offer you a solution, but unfortunately, all I can offer is my sympathy and an extra big hug.

    I am just very, very glad to read in comments that you do have your images stored in alternate locations. I hope the restoration process won't be too painful.

  11. I think that I deleted that album because I didn't realize it's significance when it showed up on my Google+ page, but I'm not certain. There is unfortunately no direct connection between my Flickr account (Yahoo) and this blog.