Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just off the Loom

And here for show 'n tell, are a few things that have come off the looms recently.
I like this group photo. 

These were all started or finished at the rendezvous a couple of weeks ago. From left to right: Blue Raw Silk Strap, Brown & Gold Linen Strap, Handspun Wool Strap and Handspun Wide Wool Sash.

This guitar strap was made as a custom order, but the customer changed her mind before it was finished. It has been in limbo on one of the looms for weeks, so I decided to finish it and list it for sale in the Etsy shop.

It will join this other one, made for the same customer earlier. They are both inspired by album covers from the popular band, MGMT. Check out the photo below of the album cover for "Electric Feel"  on which this second one is based.


  1. Oh my goodness LOVE the colors of that guitar strap!!!! love, love, love!!!

  2. Thanks, Cait. I was disappointed at first, because some of the colors looked kind of muddy to me, but when I step back a little, it looks completely different. Tricky colors! ~Annie

  3. YOU are amazing! I know you keep telling us the Inkle loom is so simple - looks to me that you have taken it way beyond simple - into the realm of art.