Monday, May 30, 2011

A Rick Trick and a Beautiful Purple Sash

My husband, long a fan of my weaving, is very helpful and supportive. For this project which required twisting long fringes, he got in on the action with a power drill because he said he was afraid my arms would fall off if I had to do them by hand. Since he always has a way of making things work out, the rest of us have come to refer to such things around here as "a Rick Trick". To see the way I usually twist fringes by hand, you can look at this previous post.
These particular fringes measure about 16" finished length.
Here is what the action looked like.

I had to show you a close-up so you can see where the Rick Trick came in. In order for him to make the alligator clip fit into the chuck of the drill without being crushed when tightened, he inserted a .22 caliber shell casing. 

This beautiful sash is a custom order for Native American dance regalia. The customer said that he loves purple and is not afraid of colors. He even sent me a photo of fabric used in the rest of his regalia. Lots of bright colors! When he told me to go ahead and use whatever I thought looked good, I was thrilled! So many colors to chose from that I had to narrow it down. There are two purples, two blues, gold and a deep red. It's  bright!


  1. That is brilliant! Love it when family members get in on the act! Your sash is beautiful. Love the colors you chose!

  2. The sash is a real beauty! What a great helper - fringe twisting can be hard on the hands.

  3. Hi Annie! These colors are gorgeous. I love purple w/ yellow or gold. And congratulations on your article, really well-written and engaging, so cool the way inkle weaving has woven thru so much of your life!

  4. Yay! Wicked cool, Annie!!! Both the colors and the electric fringe twister!! xo Cait